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Enjoy the privacy and security you need to make your private space a sanctuary with Trex Fencing. Our designs offer fencing to Utah residents and business owners that combine beautiful aesthetic appeal with long-lasting construction. Opt for a standard design or have one customized to your liking.


Why Choose Trex Fencing?

Built from recycled plastic and wood, Trex composite fences combine innovative design and durability to create a fence you can depend on for privacy and security for years to come.
Wood that would otherwise end up in a landfill finds its way into Trex high-performance composite materials. Our fencing offers natural appeal, exceptional durability, and low maintenance. By using reclaimed sawdust, we never have had to cut down a tree to make our products. Ever.
Choose from a wide range of rich natural colors and finishes, each carefully designed to match your project’s look. We’ll even show you how each color will look as it weathers, so you can make the right choice now and for your future.
Trex works in tandem with other U.S. Green Building Council members to reimagine the way buildings and communities are designed, built, and operated with the goal of creating environmentally and socially responsible spaces that improve quality of life everywhere.

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Fencing That Fits Any Setting

Trex Seclusion

Spend less time and money on maintenance. Unlike wood, our Seclusion fences don’t require painting, sanding, or staining and come in three rich natural tones that stay vibrant throughout their lifetime.

Trex Horizons & Horizons Plus

Add a modern touch to your property with our Horizons lines. Built with interlocking pickets, these fences evenly distribute pressure to avoid surface damage. Choose from aluminum and steel components for enhanced strength and privacy.

Trex Horizontal

Never worry about rotting, splinting, or warping again. Trex Horizontal fencing uses galvanized steel frames that protect against surface damage and harsh weather conditions, helping your investment go far.


Can’t find a gate that matches your fence? We hear you! Our Trex gates come in the same style and shade as our various lines for a uniform look. Select from our pre-built designs or have one customized to your needs.

Trex Fencing: the Utah Fence Company You Can Rely On

For years, Utah businesses and residents had to sacrifice beauty for durability. Since 1996, Trex Fencing has continuously provided innovative fencing solutions, engineered to match your home’s aesthetic and reliably hold up for years, so you never need to sacrifice one for the other again. Additionally, all our products are backed by a 25-year warranty and 95% recycled materials so that you can feel confident in your purchase and environmental impact.