Tested and true, Trex Fencing is being specified throughout the country for residential and commercial projects. Trex Fencing is scalable up to 12 feet and withstands winds up to 130 mph. All of these qualities and more make it a superb choice for any specification. If you are an architect considering Trex Fencing, see the links below or more information can be found in documentation.

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Arcat are third party online resources providing manufacturers’ building product information to the AEC community. Trex Fencing information is stored at these sites for easy access to:

  • Architectural Drawings
  • Components
  • Engineered Drawings and Calculations
  • Installation Instructions
  • Testing Reports, Warranty and General Information

ARCAT: No account is necessary. Available resources for download include BIM models.


Engineering Express is a third party structural engineering firm that provides calculations, master plan sheets, and additional product information. Note: The engineering documentation available replaces Notice of Acceptance (NOA) requirements for Miami-Dade County. For a small fee from Engineering Express, a wet stamped set of master plan sheets and calculations can be purchased. Engineering Express serves most of the United States. Use these documents for obtaining building permits.

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