Trex Fencing SRF understands your desire for the aesthetic appeal and durability of a wood fence, coupled with the low maintenance offered by vinyl or PVC alternatives. Trex composite fence panels deliver the best of both worlds. With a diverse range of colors, sizes, and customization options, you can tailor your fence precisely to your liking with a Trex Seclusions fence panel kit.

Trex Seclusions Composite Fence Panel Kit

Trex Seclusions Composite Fence Panel Kit

Trex Seclusions Composite Fence Panel Kit

Trex Seclusions Composite Fence Panel Kit


Utilize Trex composite fence panel kits to enclose your backyard for privacy or create a distinctive enclosure in your yard. Choose from Trex fence panels starting with a two-foot “wall topper,” progressing to free-standing panels ranging from three feet to eight feet tall. You can even combine your composite fence panels to create a taller privacy fence extending up to 12 feet.

Trex Seclusions composite fence kits come with everything needed to assemble your fence panels. The vertical composite fencing panels are available in three colors: Saddle (light tan), Woodland Brown (rich, dark brown), and Winchester Grey (a light, coastal grey). Your composite fence panels are designed to maintain their color without the ongoing need for new coats of paint or stain.

When you build your fence with Trex Fencing SRF’s composite fencing panels, you can be confident that you’re getting a strong fence that stands up to the test of time and the elements. We believe that we offer the best composite fence panels on the market with Trex Seclusions. You can be assured that you’re getting not only the privacy you love for your yard but a quality product.


Shop our selection of Trex composite fence kits today to buy composite fence panels from Trex SRF Fencing. Our diverse composite wood fence panels are designed to interlock and look fantastic from end to end and on both sides of your fence. With a Trex Fence, there’s no ugly side of the fence. You and your neighbors can enjoy a beautiful, elegant fence that holds up in high winds and the everyday abuse from the elements.

Trex Fence’s durability stands up to more than just the elements. Because your fence is made of composite wood fence panels, it’s resistant to insects feeding on the material and makes the life of your fence one less thing to worry about in your daily life.

Contact Trex Fencing SRF to discover more about available composite fence panels. Our team assists with everything from selecting fencing kits to aiding in installation. Call us at (855) 620-8739 to begin today. For additional questions about horizontal fence panels, send us a message using our contact form or email directly at When you purchase horizontal fence panels from Trex Fencing SRF and require professional installation services, we’ll assist you in finding a contractor, so you don’t have to handle the heavy lifting.

Surround your yard with a robust and aesthetically pleasing composite fence system that you can trust to last for years to come.